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Hominid X

Modern Cuff by Hominid X

Modern Cuff by Hominid X

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An innovative approach to the traditional universal cuff. The Modern Cuff is designed to help those with low to no grip strength complete daily activities for independent care; such as feeding and personal hygiene. 

After a one-time adjustment, our cuff is able to fit a wide range of hand sizes. The Modern Cuff band is made out of high-quality and soft silicone making it comfortable, durable, and waterproof.

The self-latching strap allows the user to choose whether an object can pass all the way through the pocket, for example when using a pen to write, or be limited by a pocket floor for feeding activities. A wide pocket opening makes it easy for wearers with limited mobility to guide utensils into the pocket. 

This adaptable living aid is recommended for those with low to no grip strength in both hands. 

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