A Grasping Device for all day wear.

Introducing Fiber, an innovative assistive aid designed for those with hand mobility issues. Fiber guides its user's hands into a secure and natural grasp around objects. Perfect for those who find it challenging to maintain a grasp, this solution is not just functional; it's comfortable and stylish too!

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Fiber is sleek, stylish and lightweight. Weighing less than 3 ounces, it is ideal for all-day wear.

one size fits all adults

Our products fit both small, large, left, and right hands. Fiber also fits over most wrist braces, making it accessible for those with reduced wrist mobility.

easy to use

Our products have a minimal learning curve, allowing users to quickly grasp items.

washable & hygienic

Our products are made from skin-safe silicone which makes it easy to clean after messy tasks like food prep and feeding.

no charging or batteries

Our products don't use electricity, setting them apart from robotic aids that require ongoing power maintenance.

All purchases come with a 30-day return guarantee.

Fiber Is Adaptable To Your Goals. Experience a new grasp today!

This product comes from years of careful user research and testing and is built from durable, skin-safe components.

Hold whatever you want
  • Felix Gretarsson, the World's (almost) first double arm transplant recipient

    Felix set out on a mission to relearn how to ride a bike. Check out our story on how Fiber Xtreme helped him hold his handles bars & ride a bike.

  • Megan Beth, Stroke Survivor on tiktok

    Megan uses her platform on Tiktok to educate those on stroke & living with hemiplegia. She recently opened a bakery, a life long dream of hers!

  • Manchu Patel, Left side Paralysis

    Manchu faced the challenges of left-side paralysis, stemming from childhood polio. Incorporating Fiber into her journey would have been a revolutionary game changer, liberating her from reliance on her family granting independence for essential tasks.

Adaptive grasping, Reimagined.

Nothing is more important than your independence.

Our mission at Hominid X is to develop and deliver life-changing assistive wearable products that empower people worldwide. Guided by our design philosophy—a blend of ergonomics, simplicity, and aesthetics—we strive to create comfortable and functional experiences that redefine possibilities. Recognizing the importance of individuality, our products are available in four trendy colors to complement your unique sense of style

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A little bit about Hominid X

Hominid X is a Massachusetts-based company designing innovative assistive grasping tools. Our products reflect our commitment to enhancing people’s lives, empowering them to overcome physical challenges and achieve their goals. We believe that everyone should live their best life. Join us in creating a more inclusive world.