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Hand disabilities make it difficult to participate in daily activities

There are tens of millions of people worldwide with a physical grasping disability. Common causes of a physical grasping disability include Strokes, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, Injury, Arthritis, Age, and more.

These conditions affect normal hand function, making tasks like eating, bathing, or talking on the phone difficult to impossible. 

What people are saying

  • “This is better than anything else I've tried. With a little practice this little device became my #1 helper.”

    - Stroke Patient (Texas)

  • “Having a wearable that can quickly engage/detach from a glass or tool is nice. I kind of felt like Spiderman using it. The retractable cord worked better than I was anticipating.”

    - Fiber Beta User (California)

  • “I really like your Fiber product (still one of my favorites that I saw) and think that it could be useful for so many people.”

    - Occupational Therapist @ American Society of Hand Therapist Annual Meeting 2022

  • “For the $99 price, I don’t feel any risk in trying this on all of my hand patients…..even if they still have some residual mobility.”

    - Physical Therapist @ American Society of Hand Therapist Annual Meeting 2022

  • "We use this for rehab, now, too. There are three of them in our office and we have our patients use them to hold exercise tools during their session.”

    - Occupational Therapist (Massachusetts)

  • "Your product is clever and easy to use. It is clear that a lot of thought went into it. Good job!"

    - Spinal Cord Injury Patient (Florida)

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  • Supports a wide range of grips

    Featuring an adjustable wrist, finger, and dorsal strap for custom fit, the spring-drawn cable supports grip diameters as small as a pen and up to 8 inches for larger holds. The device also accommodates different grasp postures for tasks such as writing or brushing teeth.

  • Ergonomic

    Fiber is made up of soft and stretchy materials, making it a much more comfortable wearable assistive device compared to rigid robotic systems.

  • Easy to Use & Clean

    The large loop allows the user to easily latch the cable onto the finger hook without any assistance. The innovative design of the hand strap allows for Fiber to be put on and taken off with ease, making it convenient for users to wash their hands without completely removing it.