Designed to provide effortless aid with everyday tasks, our innovative take on the traditional cuff offers both comfort and ease of use.

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Universal Cuffs have been a trusted, standard tool for over 50 years. They have also not changed much.

We tested over 20 of the most commonly used, existing options and found that most cuffs available today are just basic fabric straps with a poorly sewn pocket that fails to fit basic tools. Some of the manufacturers "helped" by selling a special fork or spoon that was narrow enough to fit.

We questioned how these cuffs were labeled as "one-size fits all" when many of them didn’t fit us. We wondered why aids for feeding are so difficult to keep clean and hygienic.

These questions fueled the design of our Modern Cuff, and the result was a product that is easy to use, adjust, and clean.

Modern Features

You don't need to choose between object size and grip stability. The Modern Cuff adapts to your tasks.

✔ Zero-dexterity latch

✔ Robust, molded construction

✔ Wide range of object sizes

✔ One size (truly) fits all

✔ Supremely soft

✔ Hypoallergenic

✔ BPA-free

  • Waterproof & Easy to Clean

    Made from soft silicone, our cuff is waterproof and ideal for personal care activities, while also being easy to clean after consuming messy foods.

  • Multipurpose aid

    Designed with unique features such as a toggleable pocket floor and flared opening, Modern Cuff is incredibly versatile and well-suited for a wide range of activities

  • Truly universal fit for all sizes

    Modern Cuff is designed to fit a wide range of hand sizes and requires only one-time size adjustment, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for all users.

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