Fiber is a game-changing assistive grasping device for individuals living with hand weakness or paralysis.

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Your hand can still hold whatever you want.

Every aspect of this product was carefully optimized to make daily tasks such as eating, drinking, writing, and using the phone effortless. With an innovative grasping mechanism, Fiber allows for the natural and conformal grasping of objects. 

We set out to create a truly versatile grasping tool, one that fits anyone and helps you hold a wide variety of objects with a natural and comfortable grasp. 

A new way

Fiber's unique design is based on a force-balanced, complementary pair of straps that create a truly conformal flexion motion in the fingers while maintaining a natural and comfortable grasp. 

  • Waterproof & Easy to Clean

    Made from soft silicone, our cuff is waterproof and ideal for personal care activities, while also being easy to clean after consuming messy foods.

  • Multipurpose aid

    Featuring an adjustable wrist, finger, and dorsal strap for custom fit, the spring-drawn cable supports grip diameters as small as a pen and up to 8 inches for larger holds. The device also accommodates different grasp postures for tasks such as writing or brushing teeth.

  • Truly universal fit for all sizes

    Fiber is made up of soft and stretchy materials, making it a much more comfortable wearable assistive device compared to rigid robotic systems.

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